Home Insurance

Home, Condo, Renters, Mobile Home, Landlord, and Flood Insurance

Home Insurance

Covers losses and damages to an individual’s home, including accidents inside the home or on the property.

Condo Insurance

Helps pay for unit repairs, as well as your belongings if stolen or damaged by fire, vandalism, or theft.

Renters Insurance

Provides coverage for a policyholder’s belongings, liabilities, and potentially, living expenses in the event of a loss.

Mobile Home Insurance

Provides financial protection in the event that the home is damaged.

Landlord Insurance

Intended to help protect the landlord from financial losses by providing two different types of coverages: property and liability.

Flood Insurance

Covers a dwelling for losses sustained by water damage, as it specifically relates to flooding.

When it comes to owning a home, we understand that this is one of your largest assets – and it deserves personal attention to address your needs as a homeowner.  When developing a homeowners policy, we take into consideration the unexpected future events to prevent any shortcomings down the road, and ensure your home is well-protected.

We are licensed to serve homeowners throughout Texas but have a lot of familiarity in the Victoria, TX area because we have been serving this market for over 17 years.  To get a quote on your homeowners insurance, contact the team at HLG Insurance of Texas today.  

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